Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dark Angels in Battle

Ok, this is unmistakably a member of the Dark Angels space marine chapter, if the hood doesnt give it away the chapter symbol of a sword through wings on his right shoulder sure as hell does. What i like about this photo is again the dark theme of it (see a pattern here :) and also the fact that the marine in his stride, moving over a pile of skulls towards the enemy in true Adapetus Astartes style, that is to say this mother fucker is purging the filth that is the enemies of the imperium and looking good doing it.

This artwork was created by a concept artist named Chris Bourassa

I am all about giving credit to the artist i post, its just a pitty i have had trouble tracking them down. Although i finnally found one!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Just a bit of fun today. Here we have a statue of a space marine from the Blood Angels chapter probably outside a store to promote the game etc. Next to the marine is poor old Ethel, conscripted into the Imperial Guard no doubt to fight the enemies of the Imperium across the galaxy. Godspeed Ethel :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

This shows an Inquisitor, an Assassin from the Vindicare Temple who are expect markmens and what i believe is a Sister of Battle (although it could be another Inquisitor) fighting of some Blood Letters, which are lesser Demons of the Chaos Blood God Khorne. The Inquisitor is either from the Ordo Malleus which is the demon hunting arm of the Inquisition or from the Ordo Hereticus the heretic and witch hunting arm. The reason i dont automatically say his from the Ordo Malleus is because its possible these demons were summoned by some heretic his trying to track down. Which would explain the assassin as well.
This is actually a piece of concept artwork for the upcoming 40k mmo. I just had to post it because as you can tell from my previous post i am really into the whole depressing/dystopian cityscape thing.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A depiction of the 3rd war on the planent Armageddon. An Imperial hive world with atleast 100 billion inhabitants it was attacked by the largest Orc WAAAGH (army) ever assembled in the galaxy. This picture shows 2 Warlord Titans, some space marines and some Lemon Russ battle tanks. Unfortunantly i cant make out the chapter the marines come from and since over 20 chapters participated in that campaign it could be a little difficult. The most striking aspect of the picture are the titans ofcourse. Each titan belongs to a titan legion and each titan legion typically hails from its own forge world. It can take hundreds if not thousands of years to make a single titan and as such they represent a massive investment by The Imperium and many are considered holy relics. For lack of a better explanation, they litterally blow the shit outa anything that stands in their way.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hey guys this is a couple Blood Angel space marine chapter Thunderhawk transports and a couple Rhino armored personel carriers. What i really like about this picture is the dystopian city scape in the background. I think that fits the Warhammer 40k universe very well. I am gonna try and and start giving more info about worlds and campaigns which feature in the art work if i can. Unfortunantly i couldnt track down any of that for this piece.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

One of my favourite images. This is a Space Marine or Adeptus Astartes Chaplain from the Black Templars Chapter. His wielding a power sword in his right hand and a bolter in his left. You can tell his from the Black Templars because of the black cross on his left shoulder which kinda looks like the contemporary Maltese cross. His armor is more intricate then normal space marine armor so its probably artificer armor which is common for chaplains. Furthermore he has a rosarious above his head and his helmet is skull shaped another indicator of a chaplain.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Golden Throne

A nice contrast to the previous image. This well known piece shows The Emperor after his "ascension" to the golden throne. This was required due to mortal wounds sustainted in a battle with one of his sons during the Horus Heresy. What is left of his body is sitting on the throne, the various tubes etc you see are keeping his few remaining living cells alive so that his soul has an anchor in The Warp from which to guide humanity from.

"The Emperor of Man + Retinue"

On the left you can see members of the Adeptus Custodus or the Custodian Guards wearing pre Horus Heresy armor and on the right you can see the Sisters of Silence. Not to be confused with the Sisters of Battle the Sisters of Silence existed well before them and were all "blanks" meaning their presence could null the presence of the warp and as such the abilities of psykers were restrained or completely un usable in their presence