Friday, 13 January 2012

Alpha Legion - Before and After the Heresy

This is an Alpha Legion Space
So today I wanted to start looking at the Traitor Legions, specifically how they looked before and after the Horus Heresy.

This is a Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Space Marine. The Alpha Marine pictured is in the Alpha Legion traditional colors and heraldry, purple armor and  a big A with chains through the middle on their right shoulder as heraldry.

Although the "Alpha" Legion the Legions traditional number is 20 and is unique amongst the original Space Marine Legions in that they had two Primarch's, Alpharius and his twin brother Omegon.

This picture is taken from the cover of  "Legion - Secrets and Lies" by Dan Abnett.

These are Alpha Legion Marines Post Heresy. Their colors have changed to blue, their backpacks and (some) members helms have changed and their heraldry is now a Hydra, which amongst other things is symbolism regarding their combat tactics.

Recently the Alpha Marines have appeared in several book and computer games, most notably the Dawn of War series where they have played the Antagonist on multiple occasions.

The legion is devoted to Chaos Undivided which makes it well suited to sowing the seeds of Chaos throughout the Imperium of man, why limit yourself to the corruption of a single Chaos God when you can branch out and corrupt with power of all four!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Rubric Marine

This is a Rubric Marine from the Thousand Sons traitor space marine legion. The Runic Marines of the Thousand Sons are easily identified by their uniquely shaped helms.

The Rubric Marines themselves are but suites of armor which can follow orders, having lost their bodies and free will during a failed incantation meant to purge the marines of mutation, cast by the Chief Sorcerer Librarian of the Thousand Sons Ahriman.

Their Armor and lore is one of my favourites in Warhammer 40k due its uniqueness, these marines make being a soulless husk look damn good indeed.