Friday, 2 September 2011

Imperial Navy Ship Classes

This is a great picture showing you the various space ships used by the Imperial Navy to blast the crap out of all the various alien scum. What i personally love about the picture is up the top it has the length of the ships and when you realise that the Retribution class battleship is 5km long it really starts to get your imagination going. I should also probably mention that the Imperial Navy has alot more ship classes then what is on this picture, this is because ships may be in service for several millenia at a time so new classes come out but the old ones still stay in service etc etc.

Here we have a picture of an Emperor Class Battleship, although it may look quite similiar to the Retribution  class the Emperor class has alot more squadrans of attack fighters however has less cannons etc whether the retribution class is more of a ship of the line and likes to get up beside the enemy and blast it with those broad side cannons you see. This pacticular Emperor Class is the Divine Right and is the flagship for Battlefleet Artemis. Coming up next will be an explanation of sectors, sub sectors and segmentums. I am almost positive this picture comes from one of the Battlefleet Gothic rulebooks.

Space Marines also have various ships but we'll deal with them in their own post!


  1. those are really cool looking ships

  2. These are really hard to back up.

  3. That last picture could definitely be one of the coolest things i've ever seen.